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At Solarfrost, with over 30 years industry knowledge, we offer an optimum selection of premium window films that will reduce heat significantly, cut down the glare, provide decorative privacy and allow additional security by adding a protective barrier that helps to contain shattered glass fragments. Even a room that is completely unliveable due to intense heat can be enjoyed again. Retro-fitted to existing glazing, Solarfrost Window Films are a cost-effective addition to any building.


We work closely with the commercial & industrial sector, architects, glaziers, educational establishments, local & health authorities, retail & shop fitters, residential care buildings, modular buildings, holiday parks & private residential dwellings. Within all these sectors there is a Solarfrost film to suit any potential function.


Overall we strive for excellence in quality and service and we look forward to working with you.

What We Offer

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Solar heat gain in commercial offices and other buildings can create all kinds of problems. It causes extreme discomfort for people working near windows. Our solar control window films allow you to maintain the beautiful benefits of windows without making sacrifices.

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Glare reducing window films control excessive light so that you can enjoy the light without the discomfort and annoyance of glare. See your screen or book clearly without straining your eyes. And work, relax or entertain in comfort – at any time of day.

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When danger threatens, reduce its window of opportunity. Make your windows harder to penetrate – and keep outside dangers from getting in. Our safety window film holds shattered pieces in place, helping to keep both people and property safe.


Privacy window film is the perfect solution to hide the view into rooms without disrupting your view to the outdoors. Available in a total or one-way daytime privacy these films are also a financially-smart alternative to conventional window coverings such as blinds.

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The sun’s ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on interior furnishings by fading and shortening their shelf life. Our UV reducing window films screen out up to 99.9% of those harmful rays, potentially saving thousands of pounds in replacement costs.


Decorative window films combine affordability & ease when you want to change the decor in your office or home. These elegant and affordable films can be applied to any glass surface to create intimacy, provide privacy and add decorative effects


We have a range of speciality window films for both permanent and temporary applications. Whiteboard window film can be installed to turn your glass into and erasable board or create an invisible barrier to protect your glass from graffiti damage.


Conservatories are made almost entirely of glass to provide the benefit of scenic views. But unfortunately they can heat easily during periods of intense sunlight making the area very uncomfortable. By installing our window film you can optimise the comfort of your conservatory.

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Most of the energy your home or office loses is through the windows. Energy-saving window film can help reduce this, improving heat retention by reflecting and radiating heat back into the room. It can improve insulation which can represent a significant saving on your energy bills.

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Our manifestation and graphic window films are designed to make glazing more apparent. Perfect for use on external and partition glazing it makes glass easier to see thus increasing safety and also gives you the opportunity to incorporate some of your branding.