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Safety Window Film

They may be functional, practical and beautiful, but glass windows and doors are usually the weakest points in a building’s exterior. They are at risk of incurring damage from vandals, break-ins, severe weather and other natural and man-made threats. Solarfrost has a range of Safety Window Films that can help protect your home, office, business or school and the occupants inside.


Broken glass from break-ins and other impact events can cause personal injury and property damage – and allow unwanted entries. Our window protection films are designed to hold glass fragments together, reducing injuries from flying shards and making it more difficult to break through.


Our most common safety window film is the Clear 100 micron window protection film which can be used in the workplace to fully comply with the workplace health, safety and welfare regulations act to bring existing glass up to British standard EN 12600 (2B2) without the need of replacing the existing glazing at a fraction of the cost.


Solarfrost Safety glass Films come in a range of thicknesses meet all of the British and European standards for impact testing including but not limited to BS 6206, EN 12600 and EN 356.

Safety window film

How Do I Protect My Windows From Smashing?

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