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UV Window Film

Protecting you and your assets is made easier with the help of UV window film, which lowers fading from UV rays as well as other factors (visible light and solar heat). 


Many heritage organisations, museums, art galleries, and homeowners benefit from clear UV protection film to shield furniture, carpets, wooden floors, priceless paintings, and photographs from fading. As well as stores and retail establishments to help protect their window displays from UV rays.


UV protection film is also ideal for those who suffer from light-sensitive conditions.  With continual consideration of specialised clothing and confinement to the home, life may be very challenging for the majority of these people and their families. UV window film can protect people with UV-sensitive conditions and let them lead fuller lives in their homes, schools, or places of employment.


The bulk of our window films reduce UV transmission by up to 99%. As a result, there are plenty colours and tints available for UV reduction.


The usage of these materials significantly lessens the impacts; although they cannot totally prevent UV-induced fading, window films can significantly lessen its effects.

UV Window Film
UV Protection Film

How Do I Add UV Protection To My Windows?

Contact us today for a FREE estimate for Solarfrost UV window film.

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