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Privacy Window Film

Privacy is essential for most people whether it be in the office, the factory or at home to help keep valuable goods out of sight and to stop prying eyes.


Privacy Window Film helps to block views into and out of existing glazing.  While letting sunshine into your building  can be good for your health and give natural light, there are times when maintaining a certain level of privacy is necessary to safeguard the occupants, the furnishings, or the equipment inside.


A wide selection of Privacy Window Films in a variety of designs and finishes are available from Solarfrost Window Films®.  All of our privacy films for windows offer a variety of great features to keep your properties private and secure, whether you're searching for one way daytime privacy window film, a more aesthetically pleasing frosted window film or a total block out privacy film for windows.


Total Privacy Film - stops people from seeing through treated glass all year round. This is the most effective privacy option to obscure views from both sides of the glazing.

One-Way Daytime Privacy Window Film - This film offers complete privacy on one side while allowing viewing through the glass on the other.

Decorative Privacy Film – These films instantly improve the appearance of your windows, turning your glazing into a striking design element.


Benefits of Privacy Film for Windows:

  • Increased levels of privacy.

  • Enhances and decorates existing glass.

  • Enables the entry of natural light into the room.

  • Decreases heat and glare.

Frosted window Film
Privacy Window Film
 Privacy window  Film

How Do You Increase Privacy In Your Building?

Contact us today for a FREE estimate for Solarfrost privacy film.

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