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Window Manifestations & Graphics

Window Manifestations are one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to ensure you are up to date with the latest glass manifestation regulation and comply with current building regulations. 

If you have any full height glass in windows, partitions or doors, you must ensure that it is marked correctly with glass manifestations to ensure that it is made apparent.  Window  manifestations are designed to make glass obvious which can prevent injury if somebody was to walk into the glass. 


There is a legal obligation for window manifestation graphics in locations where there is a risk of human impact. (Workplace Health & Safety Welfare Approved code of practice L24 Regulation 14). The requirements are also incorporated in Building Regulations BS 6262 Part 4 Safety.


These rules apply to critical places, which are defined as public or non-domestic structures, and the glazing manifestation of interior and external walls. Glass manifestations must be used in these places.  This can be done with broken or solid lines, manifestation dots and other patterns, or brand logos.


Our manifestations and window graphics will help you comply with important health and safety standards, if you have:


  • Ceiling-to-floor windows.

  • Store fronts.

  • Glass entrance doors.

  • Glazed internal partitions.


Not only are manifestation window films used to comply with regulations, but they can also be used to enhance glass to your preference, from corporate through to desired, including pictures, designs, and effects. This is frequently found to be a very affordable way to give a drab environment a new look. Designs can be cut, printed on a variety of materials, and put to a variety of glazed surfaces. They are frequently utilised to entirely change an existing surface into an eye-catching new feature.

Window Manifestations & Graphics
Frosted Window Graphics
Window Graphics

Where Are Glass Manifestations Required?

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