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Static Caravans & 
Holiday Lodges Tinting

Windows on modern static caravans are regarded as a vulnerability in terms of security, direct sunlight, and privacy.

Large glass windows can make a holiday home unbearably hot in the summer and lead to the fading of floor coverings and soft furnishings.

When it comes to static caravan window tinting, there are various choices available that can help solve many of the concerns related with the glazing.

Solarfrost Window Films can assist you with Static Caravan window tinting.  We install heat reduction, anti-glare, privacy, and decorative window films.

Our one-way privacy film is an excellent choice for caravan windows.  It provides:

  • Excellent Heat Reduction. 

  • High Anti-Glare Control. 

  • Exceptional Daytime Privacy. 

  • UV Protection. 

Furthermore, many static caravans feature glazing with window blinds installed on the inside for privacy. Your blinds can easily become damaged, requiring regular replacement.  Replace your blinds or net curtains with one of our decorative privacy window films to give your holiday property a more modern appeal.  These films improve seclusion while also adding elegance to windows and doors.   

Replace those dull, worn-out window blinds and net curtains with our decorative window films to give your caravan a much more contemporary, current appeal.

Static Caravan Tint For Privacy & Heat Reduction
Static Caravan Tinting for One Way Privacy & Heat Reduction

Can You Tint Windows On A Caravan?

Contact us today for a FREE estimate for Solarfrost static caravan window film.

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