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Transform your windows and maintain your privacy with Solarfrost decorative window film.

With nearly limitless visual options, all of our patterned window film from our exclusive Décor range will give your windows an instant facelift, transforming your glazing into an eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing feature, perfect for your office or home.


Decorative window film allows you to increase privacy and retain the flow of natural light into your commercial or residential space.  Our patterned window film can be used anywhere, without exception. The most frequent applications include shower screens, front door sidelights, domestic kitchens, bay windows, and office partitions.


Solarfrost provides a selection of sophisticated printed designs. Ideal for situations where privacy is required together with an additional style dimension, turning your glazing into a striking and fashionable feature.


Stained glass window film is an alternative choice to the traditional frosted window film. These vivid, colourful films completely change the appearance of your glass while permitting visibility from both sides. They are an effective method to add colour to your glass.


If you would like to enhance your companies brand we can provide custom printed or cut window film to remind customers why they do business with you and employees of their mission. Have a vision or logo? Then we can make it happen on our frosted window film.

Features & benefits of patterned window film:

  • A Cost effective Alternative to Blinds

  • Adds Privacy Whilst Maintaining Natural Light

  • Modern & Stylish Look

  • Quick & Clean Installation Process

  • No Maintenance Required

Patterned Window Film
Decorative Window Film

Do You Want To Make Your Windows Stand Out?

Contact us today for a FREE estimate for Solarfrost decorative window film.

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