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Heat Reducing Window Film

Heat reducing window film is one of the most sought after products on the market, and for good justification. From commercial office structures, retail shopfronts, government facilities, hospitals, education establishments, and homes, the benefits of heat reducing window film are collectively-applicable across many types of buildings. In addition to blocking the sun's heat, this type of window film also prevents glare and blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can be damaging to the skin as well as cause fading in furnishings and upholstery after sustained exposure.  Energy efficiency is also increased and lighting and air conditioning needs are greatly reduced.


Windows provide a fundamental link with the outside world and have usually been covered by blinds and curtains.  Solar Reflective Window Film is one way to take charge of the heat and light passing through your windows, in order to reduce high temperatures and excessive glare.  Additionally this type of heat reducing window film can also be used as a one way privacy film. This also upgrades security and privacy by achieving one-way vision during daylight hours meaning, that reflective window film can be combined to give you increased comfort and privacy all in one cost effective installation.


Not just restricted to solar reflective film our heat reducing window films are available in a range of neutral effects, colours and tints making them an excellent and cost effective addition to any building or dwelling. 


Do you what to reduce the heat but not change the appearance? Then we have a range of virtually clear solar control window films available.  These heat reducing window films are state-of-the-art to give you good solar heat rejection without noticeably reducing daylight levels or changing the appearance of the windows.

Solar Film
Mirror Window Film

How Do You Reduce Heat Through Your Windows?

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