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Conservatory Window Film

Is your Conservatory Too Hot? Are you Suffering From Glare?


Solarfrost conservatory window film provides elegance, protection, comfort, and safety to your conservatory and is significantly less expensive than conservatory blinds and costly conservatory roof replacement.


Conservatory cooling film is a form of sun control window film. It is a high-performance metallised coating that, when used on polycarbonate or glass roofing, deflects the heat of the sun so that it cannot enter the building and prevents heat from accumulating.


These films can be installed to both glass and polycarbonate and are available in a range of reflective colours, neutral effects and tints meaning our conservatory window film is an excellent and cost effective addition to any conservatory, orangery or summer house.

Our conservatory cooling solutions will help you enjoy a cool & comfortable summer:

  • Excellent solar heat reduction.

  • Reduces Glare to add even more comfort.

  • No major reduction in visible light.

  • Ultra violet barrier to help prevent fading and sun damage.

  • Cost effective solution to conservatory blinds & conservatory roof replacement.

  • Also provides winter insulation.

  • No maintenance required.

  • For use on glass & polycarbonate.

conservatory window film
Conservatory cooling Window Film

How Do I Stop Heat From Coming Through My Conservatory Roof?

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