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Conservatory Window Film

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Looking for an alternative to conservatory roof blinds then Conservatory Window Film could be the answer. Conservatories, orangeries & summer houses provide the enjoyment of the outdoors and create the feeling of openness but they do have their problems. In the summer months they can become unbearably hot and also during the colder times of the year they are becoming increasingly costly to heat.

conservatory roof blinds
How to keep a room cool that faces the sun

Solar film applied to the existing surface will immediately change your experience by regulating the room temperature, reducing the glare and solar heat gain and eliminating harmful UV rays. Unlike blinds and other alternatives conservatory cooling film does not obstruct your view of the great outdoors.


Conservatory Roof Blinds

Traditionally blinds where the go to option to help eliminate excess heat and glare from a conservatory but they do have there drawbacks.

  • Obstruct views

  • Need cleaning regularly

  • Can look unsightly

  • Can hang unevenly

  • Tangled & Broken cord's

  • Fading fabric

  • Cost

Conservatory Roof replacement

Over recent years the popularity of solid conservatory roof replacements has increased

dramatically but this is very costly alternative to conservatory roof blinds

  • Cost Cost Cost

  • Building regulations

  • Structural integrity ( adding too much weight to the original PVC structure )

  • Disruption during installation process

  • Choosing a reputable company

  • Reducing natural light

conservatory window film
Conservatory Window Film being installed to polycarbonate roof panels


What Is Window Film

Window film is a broad term that describes any window film product, more often than not made from a thin, polyester laminate. The film is applied to glazing of all types – automotive, industrial, residential and commercial.

Conservatory Window Films come in a variety of different shades or tints and specialist solar film for polycarbonate roofs, because of technological advancements in recent years some are virtually clear. Solarfrost window films® are by far the most cost effective solution to any of your glazing problems compared to conservatory roof Blinds and having your roof replaced.

Other than cost and effectiveness other benefits include

how to stop my conservatory overheating
Residential Conservatory Cooling Film Installation


Conservatory Window Film - Case Study

SFC10 Cool Roof 10 – Solar Film For Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

The Weir Residential Home, Hessle, East Yorkshire.


Donna Jenkinson – Manager of Hessle Care:

“Ever since the dining room extension was built, the heat through the roof has been a constant problem causing discomfort for our residents & staff during meal times. The health and wellbeing of our residents & staff is of paramount importance and with meal times being a critical part of their day a solution was required to ensure that they could enjoy their meals in a comfortable environment”


“Following the successful installation of privacy window film at Woodleigh Manor (our other residential home), we again enlisted the assistance of Solarfrost Window Films to help us with the heat issue within the dining room at The Weir, with the remit for them to successfully reducing the heat through the dining room conservatory roof with a conservatory cooling film to improve comfort” said Donna.

alternative to conservatory roof blinds
Solar Film for polycarbonate roof (Data Sheet)


The conservatory roof panels where of polycarbonate make-up meaning that we would offer our SFC10 Cool Roof 10 – Heat Reflective window Film for Conservatories. This film would offer a notable more comfortable room ambiance with 78% solar energy rejection. This film is a metalized PVC based heat reducing film designed predominantly for use on polycarbonate, GRP & plastic substrates. With a light satin finish which minimises the visual impact, the film also offers 99% UV reduction to extend the life of internal furnishings.


It took two days to install the Cool Roof 10 heat reducing film which provided instant results. “Once the window film had been installed, my staff stopped complaining and the residents were noticeably more relaxed during meal times” said Donna. “Lunch times are much more enjoyable now the residents can eat comfortably and the staff can carry out their duties in altogether more calmer surroundings”.

one way privacy  window film
Installation of Solarfrost conservatory Window Film for Hessle Care Ltd


Conservatory Roof Film Cost?

Can i install Heat Reflective Window Film myself?

Is Window Film effective in the winter?




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