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Protecting Shop Window Displays - UV Window Film

Updated: Jun 24

What makes window displays so crucial?

Because they frequently provide shoppers their first impression of your organisation, window displays are very important. Your storefront windows have the potential to boost traffic, income, word-of-mouth, and client loyalty.

uv window film

How UV Window Film Can Help Protect Your Shop Window Displays.

Solarfrost® Window Films optically Clear UV protection film of museum quality will filter out up to 99.8% of the sun's damaging UV rays, which are one of the main causes of fading.

While planning their window displays,  shop owners must take into consideration the fact that many coloured materials might be light-sensitive.

By limiting the amount of uv exposure that enters the window front with a UV-reducing window film, you will shield objects from uv exposure that weakens chemical bonds and damages the brilliant colours of your items.

What Causes Fading?

The fading of various materials, surfaces and items is a common occurrence when exposed to prolonged direct sunshine.

what causes fading

  • UV Light

  • Visible Light

  • Heat

  • Artificial Light

  • Humidity

As shown above the main cause of fading is Ultraviolet light and by applying a UV window film you are practically eliminating all UV light.

uv protection window film
Valuable Shop Window Display Protected By Clear UV Protection Film

Other Benefits Of UV Protection Window Film.

As well as reducing the risk of fading to window displays, flooring, soft furnishings and various other valuable items Solarfrost® UV window films also offer other added benefits that help protect you and your valuables with our UV protection combination window films.

Combines the benefits of reducing UV light and also cutting solar energy by up to 80%

Cuts glare significantly by up to 91% and UV light.

Window protection films are designed to hold glass fragments together, reducing injuries from flying shards and making it more difficult to break through.

uv window film
Combination Safety/UV Window Film

UV Radiation & Your Skin.

The Skin Cancer Foundation has approved window film for its health and safety benefits.

As discussed Solarfrost® UV window film is great to protect your property and valuables from fading but what about the benefits of UV protection film for your health.

Long term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is a key risk factor for skin cancer. Recognising UV radiation and how it affects your skin is an essential first step toward protecting yourself against skin cancer.

The good news is that UV radiation may be significantly reduced by simply installing a clear UV window film.

UV protection film is also ideal for those who suffer from light-sensitive conditions. With continual consideration of specialised clothing and confinement to the home, life may be very challenging for the majority of these people and their families. UV window film can protect people with UV-sensitive conditions and let them lead fuller lives in their homes, schools, or places of employment.

shop window displays
A recent installation of clear UV reducing Window Film

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