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Privacy Window Film

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Specifying for Architects

Solarfrost was recently approached by a local architect to work closely with them at one of their clients developments in the remote rural hamlet of Yokefleet.

The project involved a large extension to a property which required a privacy window film installing to several windows within the property.

privacy window film
installation of window frosting film

Following consultation with the architect, Solarfrost where able to offer a selection of Privacy Window Films to enable both the architect and his client to make their choice:

In addition to striking aesthetics, our mirrored privacy window film also provides excellent one-way vision and privacy during daylight hours, all while offering significant sun and heat control benefits. Often referred to as reflective window films these are one of the most popular and sought after films due to the multiple benefits they provide.

Frosted window film provides privacy inside whilst preventing views from outside. This type of privacy film is a customary choice where assured privacy is vital but natural light is wanted. Available in a range of impressive crystal finishes or just a simple transparent white matte our frosted privacy films are perfect for masking direct visibility while offering high amounts of light transmission.

Blackout Window Film

Different to a lot of other privacy window films, our blackout window film gives windows a solid look from both inside and out. Blackout window film is used for totally cutting out all light and visibility beyond the windows surface. Solid whiteout privacy film can be used as an alternative.


On the basis of the samples and advice provided by Solarfrost, the architect specified a window film from our Frosted Privacy Window Film range. This being our SFP100 White Matte Privacy Film. This film has a finely textured matte finish to give two-way privacy without seriously reducing the natural light level.

Download PDF • 387KB

It took our installation team a day to install our frosted privacy film to the extension. It has provided instant privacy, as well as complimenting the overall appearance of the development.

Benefits of Privacy Window Film

  • Increased Privacy Levels

  • Adds Style & Decoration to Existing Glass

  • Can Allow Natural Light to Enter the Room

  • Provides Heat & Glare Reduction

  • Quick & Clean Installation Process

  • No Maintenance Required



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