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Essential Guide To Safety Window Film

Safety window film is a specialised coating that is installed to glass surfaces to increase their strength and safety. It is intended to prevent glass from shattering on impact, lowering the danger of harm and boosting security. Here's how it works and the advantages:

Safety window film

How Does Safety Window Film Work?


Material: Made from polyester or similar synthetic materials, safety window film is clear and virtually invisible once applied.

Thickness: Available in various thicknesses, typically ranging from 4 mils (0.004 inches) to 14 mils (0.014 inches). Thicker films provide more protection.

window safety film


Bonding: The film is bonded to the glass using a strong adhesive. This creates a laminated effect, much like laminated glass.

Full Coverage: Applied over the entire surface of the glass to ensure comprehensive protection.

window protection film


Professional Installation: Often recommended for optimal effectiveness. Professionals ensure that the film is applied without bubbles or imperfections.

DIY Kits: Available for homeowners, though careful application is crucial to achieve the desired protective effect.

how to install safety window film

What Are The Benefits Of Safety Window Film?

safety window film for schools

Increased Safety:

  • Shatter Resistance: Prevents glass from shattering into sharp pieces, reducing the risk of cuts and injuries.

  • Accident Protection: Ideal for homes with children or pets, and in areas prone to accidental impacts.

Enhanced Security:

  • Intruder Deterrence: Makes it more difficult for burglars to break through windows, as the film holds the glass together even when broken.

  • Delay Entry: The additional time required to break through the film can deter intruders and give occupants more time to react or call for help.

buy safety window film online

UV Protection:

  • Blocking UV Rays: Many safety films also block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting interiors from fading and damage.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Solar Control: Some safety films also have insulating properties, reducing heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, thereby improving energy efficiency.

safety window film uk


  • Clear and Discreet: Unlike bars or grilles, safety window film does not alter the appearance of windows, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the property.


  • Affordable Upgrade: Provides an economical way to enhance the safety and security of existing windows without the need for expensive replacements.

Applications of Safety Window Film

  • Residential: Used in homes to protect family members, enhance security, and prevent damage from accidents or natural disasters.

safety window film Hull, Yorkshire

  • Commercial: Applied in office buildings, retail stores,schools,care homes and public facilities to protect occupants and merchandise.

How safety window film works

  • Automotive: Used in car windows to increase passenger safety and reduce the risk of injury in accidents.

security window film

Safety Window Film Case Study - Elizabeth Homes Care Home

Find out how Solarfrost helped Elizabeth Homes bring their existing glazing in accordance with current regulations after a CQC inspection.

Following a CQC assessment, the management of Elizabeth Homes, an elderly care home in Howden, East Yorkshire, contacted Solarfrost Window Films because their glass in crucial locations did not meet present health and safety criteria.

How to upgrade glass in care homes in the UK

Glass In Critical Locations

What is defined as Glazing in Critical Locations?

In accordance with HM Government Approved Document K, 2013 Edition - Protection Against Impact with Glazing, the following diagram shows critical locations in terms of safety:

Glazing critical locations

Protection Against Impact With Glazing:

Glazing, with which people are likely to come into contact whilst moving in or about the building shall:

  • If broken on impact, break in a way which is unlikely to cause injury; or

  • Resist impact without breaking; or

  • Be shielded or protected from impact.

For further information, please refer to - Building Regulations - Document K 

shatterproof window film

Glazing Survey

Solarfrost conducted a thorough and detailed evaluation of all the glazing on site and supplied a report with recommendations for upgrading the glazing as and where required.

Following receipt of the report, Elizabeth Homes' manager, Jean Putwain, directed Solarfrost to install their SFS100 Clear 100 Micron Safety Film on a total of 191 window panes throughout the facility.

Once placed, the film will improve the glass to meet current EN 12600 2B2 safety standards. The film's clarity ensures that safety regulations are met without compromising eyesight, which is an important issue to consider for residential houses.

impact resistant window film

Window Film Solution

Installing our safety window film prevents the glass from breaking into many fragments, which might be fatal; the thickness of the film protects against this. Even when broken, glass does not explode or shatter; instead, it sticks together, decreasing the danger of serious injury.

clear safety film


In collaboration with the care facility, we devised a thorough plan of action for the installation, including recommended dates and hours for each room to minimise inconvenience for both staff and residents.

The installation took several days, and after installing the film, Solarfrost identified each individual pane to indicate that it now fulfils EN 12600 2B2 safety regulations.

glazing survey


Following completion of the works, Jean added "I would like to thank Solarfrost and especially their workmen for the great job on the window film fitting. Very courteous, extremely professional & I would highly recommend".

Why you should choose Solarfrost for your Residential or Commercial Window Film installations.

At Solarfrost Window Films® we make a big commitment to health & safety and we hold Alcumus SafeContractor accreditation which demonstrates our safety first approach to both our employees & customers by achieving excellent health & safety standards, procedures & policies. 

As well as demonstrating our commitment to health & safety, all of our staff hold current CSCS cards, IPAF and Pasma tickets

commercial and residential window film yorkshire

For all your Commercial or residential window film installation's throughout Hull & East Yorkshire, please no not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Overall we strive for excellence in quality and service and we look forward to working with you.



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