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Safety First for Elizabeth Homes

Find out how Solarfrost assisted Elizabeth Homes to bring their existing glazing in line with current regulations, following a CQC inspection

Following a CQC Inspection, the manager of Elizabeth Homes, a care facility in Howden, East Yorkshire, contacted Solarfrost Window Films due to their glazing in critical locations failing to meet current health & safety regulations.

Safety Window Film
Elizabeth Homes in Howden, which is part of the Koru Care Group based in New Zealand

Glazing in Critical Locations For All Buildings

What is defined as Glazing in Critical Locations?

In accordance with HM Government Approved Document K, 2013 Edition - Protection Against Impact with Glazing, the following diagram shows critical locations in terms of safety:

Critical Glazing Locations

Protection Against Impact With Glazing:

Glazing, with which people are likely to come into contact whilst moving in or about the building shall:

  • If broken on impact, break in a way which is unlikely to cause injury; or

  • Resist impact without breaking; or

  • Be shielded or protected from impact.

For further information, please refer to - Building Regulations - Document K



Solarfrost carried out a full and detailed inspection of all the glazing on site and provided a report with their recommendations to upgrade the glazing as necessary. On receipt of the report the manager of Elizabeth Homes, Jean Putwain instructed Solarfrost to install their SFS100 Clear 100 Micron Safety Film to a total of 191 window panes across the site. Once installed the film would upgrade the glazing to meet current EN 12600 2B2 safety standards. The film's clarity guarantees that safety standards will be reached without impairing vision, which is a crucial factor to take into account for residential homes.

Window Film


Applying our safety window film stops the glass from breaking into several pieces that could be fatal, by keeping the glass together, the thickness of the film guards against this. Glass does not explode or shatter even if it breaks; instead, it sticks together, reducing the risk of severe harm.



In conjunction with the care home we worked out a detailed plan of action for the installation with proposed dates and times for each room to ensure minimum disruption for both the staff and residents alike.

The installation was completed across a number of days and following installation of the film, each individual pane was marked by Solarfrost to show that it now meets EN 12600 2B2 safety requirements.

Safety Window Film


Following completion of the works, Jean added "I would like to thank Solarfrost and especially their workmen for the great job on the window film fitting. Very courteous, extremely professional & I would highly recommend".

Care Home Window Film

Solarfrost Window Films offer variety of safety window films.

Contact us today to discuss your safety requirements.



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