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Professional Window Film Services in Hull | Solarfrost Window Films

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window film Hull

At Solarfrost Window Films®, with over 30 years industry knowledge, we offer an optimum selection of premium window films for commercial & residential use. Our films can help to reduce heat significantlycut down the glareprovide decorative privacy and allow additional security by adding a protective barrier that helps to contain shattered glass fragments. Even a room that is completely unlivable due to intense heat can be enjoyed again. Retro-fitted to existing glazing, Solarfrost Window Films® are a cost-effective addition to any building.

  • Solar Control Window Film

  • Glare Reduction Window Film

  • Privacy Window Film

  • UV Protection Window Film

  • Decorative Window Film

  • Safety & Security Window Film

  • Glazing Manifestations & Graphics

Window Film Installers Hull

Welcome to Solarfrost Window Films, your trusted partner for premium window film solutions in Hull & East Yorkshire. We specialise in providing high-quality residential and commercial window films designed to enhance privacy, improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, and protect against UV rays. Whether you're looking to upgrade your home or office, our expert team is dedicated to delivering high quality installation services tailored to your needs.

Experience the benefits of superior window film technology with Solarfrost Window Films —Hull’s leading installers for quality and service.

Window film installers Hull

Commercial Window Film Hull

At Solarfrost Window Films, we offer the very best commercial window film solutions designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in Hull. Our commercial window films provide a range of benefits, including improved heat reduction, enhanced privacy, and increased comfort for employees and customers alike. By reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays, our films help protect your furnishings and create a more comfortable indoor environment. Additionally, our security films add an extra layer of protection against break-ins and vandalism. Upgrade your office space with Solarfrost's professional commercial window film installation and experience the difference in both aesthetics and functionality.

commercial window film Hull

Residential Window Tinting Hull

We are trusted by both large and small businesses across the UK, and we also provide household window tinting services in the Hull area. From our headquarters in East Yorkshire, we have a team committed to installing the highest quality film in houses throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Our window tints for residential properties are great for combating excessive heat or privacy issues and are all come with manufacturer's warranties to give you extra peace of mind.

Our films can be applied to most glass surfaces including conservatories, roof lights, bay windows etc.

residential window tinting Hull

Hull Window Tinting Services

Heat Reducing Window Film Hull

Heat reduction window film (solar window film) is one of the most popular items on the market, and with good reason. The benefits of heat-reducing window film apply to a wide range of buildings, including commercial office complexes, retail storefronts, government facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, and houses.

In addition to reducing the sun's heat, this type of window film reduces glare and protects harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can hurt the skin and cause fading in furnishings and upholstery after prolonged exposure. Energy efficiency is also improved, and lighting and air conditioning requirements are significantly decreased.

Heat reducing window film Hull

Anti-Glare Window Film Hull

Anti-glare window film is a form of sun control film that reduces undesired sunlight and glare while still allowing natural light to pass through.

Whether it's the long sunny days in the summer, the strength of the morning and evening light, or the low-lying winter sun, the sun's strong brightness and ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause problems all year. Compared to typical options such as window shades, anti-glare window film is a less expensive and easier-to-maintain option that will not hinder or block your view of the outside.

Glare reduction window film Hull

Privacy Window Film Hull

Most individuals require privacy, whether at work, at the workplace, or at home, to keep important products out of sight and prying eyes away.

Privacy Film helps to hide views into and out of existing windows. While allowing sunlight into your building can be beneficial to your health and provide natural light, there are occasions when a certain level of privacy is required to protect the residents, household items, or equipment within.

privacy window film Hull

UV Protection Window Film Hull

Protecting you and your assets is made easier with the help of UV window film, which lowers fading from UV rays as well as other factors (visible light and solar heat).


Many heritage organisations, museums, art galleries, and homeowners benefit from clear UV protection film to shield furniture, carpets, wooden floors, priceless paintings, and photographs from fading. As well as stores and retail establishments to help protect their window displays from UV rays.

UV protection window film Hull

Decorative Glass Films Yorkshire

Solarfrost offers a variety of elegant printed designs. Ideal for circumstances requiring privacy while also adding a stylish dimension to your glazing, transforming it into a stunning and fashionable feature.

Stained glass window film is an alternative to the standard frosted window film. These vibrant, colourful films radically transform the appearance of your glass while still allowing visibility from both sides. They are an effective way to add colour to your glass.

Decorative glass films yorkshire

Safety & Security Film Hull

They may be efficient, practical, and beautiful, but glass windows and doors are typically the weakest points on a building's façade. Vandals, break-ins, harsh weather, and other natural and man-made dangers are all potential sources of harm.

Solarfrost offers a variety of Safety Window Films to assist safeguard your home, office, business, or school and the people inside.

Safety window film hull

Frosted Window Film Hull

The translucent and frosted window films that are now available add a particular aura of elegance and refinement to so many local homes.

Frosted window film in Hull is a versatile product that may be utilised for a range of purposes, from minor to significant. It may provide a sense of understated elegance to the foyer or prevent would-be burglars from peeping into windows.

Frosted window film Hull

Glazing Manifestations & Window Graphics Hull

Window Manifestations are one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to ensure you are up to date with the latest glass manifestation regulation and comply with current building regulations. 

​If you have any full height glass in windows, partitions or doors, you must ensure that it is marked correctly with glass manifestations to ensure that it is made apparent. Window manifestations are designed to make glass obvious which can prevent injury if somebody was to walk into the glass.


glass manifestations

Why you should choose Solarfrost for your Residential or Commercial Window Film installations.

At Solarfrost Window Films® we make a big commitment to health & safety and we hold Alcumus SafeContractor accreditation which demonstrates our safety first approach to both our employees & customers by achieving excellent health & safety standards, procedures & policies. 

As well as demonstrating our commitment to health & safety, all of our staff hold current CSCS cards, IPAF and Pasma tickets

Glasstint Hull

For all your Commercial or residential window film installation's throughout Hull & East Yorkshire, please no not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Overall we strive for excellence in quality and service and we look forward to working with you.

Solar window films Hull



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