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How To Make Greenhouse Glass Safer?

Traditional greenhouse glass is the lowest quality of glass manufactured, but it is also the most affordable type of glass. This is may be good for your bank balance but what about the impact and cost of possible injury to you and your family

greenhouse glass hull

Horticultural glass, which is only available in 3mm thick panes, is less expensive than toughened glass but is more brittle and breaks into jagged shards of glass when it does. Contrary to toughened glass, which cannot be cut and must be purchased in exact size panels to suit what you are glazing, horticulture glass may be cut to size.

So How Can I make Horticultural Glass Safer?

how to make greenhouse glass safer?

  • Replace your standard greenhouse glass with toughened glass.

Toughened glass is an excellent way of minimising the risk of glass breakage and the associated injury's that could occur with standard horticultural glass. The downside of replacing standard glass with toughened glass is most definitely cost !

  • Replace your standard horticultural glass with polycarbonate sheet material.

It's crucial to get high-quality material if you decide to use polycarbonate. There is substandard Polycarbonate material available on the market. These items won't survive more than a few years, and you'll wind up spending additional funds having to replace the polycarbonate sheets frequently.

  • Retrofit a Safety Window Film to the existing glass.

Safety window film is designed to hold glass fragments together, reducing injuries from flying shards and making it more difficult to break through. Safety window film for glass is easily installed and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your greenhouse glass with other materials.

safety window film

Solarfrost® Safety window films can be supplied by the metre length or by the full roll (30m) with a standard roll width of 1524mm. Discounts are available for full roll purchases. Installation tools can also be supplied additionally. Our films can be supplied in additional widths but these maybe subject to an additional cutting charge.

We offer FREE delivery within the Kingston upon Hull area and can ship nationwide at an additional cost.



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