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Solarfrost Takes Off at Humberside Airport

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

How Solarfrost assisted Hummingbird Helicopters at their new base within Humberside Airport
frosted window film
Humberside International Airport


Following the closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Hummingbird Helicopters, one of the countries leading bespoke helicopter pilot training & flight experience centres had to react quickly and found a new base at Humberside Airport and took over an office based next to the busy taxi rank and arrivals hall.

With floor to ceiling clear glazing it became apparent that they would suffer with critical privacy issues from the public and waiting taxi drivers. Given the theory training they also had to carry out to would be pilots this was a far from ideal situation for staff and students alike.

Hummingbird Office Windows Prior to Installation



Hummingbird Helicopters contacted Solarfrost Window Films with a view to helping to increase the privacy within their office environment. It was clear on initial attendance the problems they where experiencing. We was given the remit to improve the privacy conditions and also to incorporate some company branding to the glass.



The office was made up with several glass panels both internally and externally meaning we would offer our SFP100 White Matte Privacy Film. This film offers superior two way privacy whilst still maintaining natural light levels. Also given the requirement for some company branding to the glass this film would really enhance the company logo once installed.

Office Partition Glazing During Installation

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It took a day to install the SFP100 White Matte Privacy Film which was installed up to a height of 650mm on all the top panes including the internal panes from the office to the training room. The door and the lower panes where treated to a complete covering. Two panes where chosen to install the company logo. One external pane facing out towards the front entrance of the terminal and one facing the corridor which has a busy footfall. Capt. Michael Hall of Hummingbird Helicopters was delighted with the effect that has been created which not only increases their privacy levels but also boosts their company image.

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