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Kingswood Tesco store In Hull forced to shut after windows smashed in!

Updated: Jun 24

A Tesco store in north Hull closed for emergency repairs after its windows were smashed overnight.

The Tesco Express store on Monks Way Retail Park on Pioneer Way, Kingswood, was damaged on Friday, March 17, according to witnesses. On Saturday, the store was closed and a glazer was seen replacing the large window.

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A witness said the incident took place overnight as he had been to the store the night before and it had not yet been damaged. He added:

" It was fine the day before, I was at the store at around 9pm and everything was in order. But the next day, the windows and doors were smashed and the store was closed. It looks like someone threw something at the glass, causing it to break."

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Read the full Hull Daily Mail article Here.



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