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Hull Kingston Rovers - Heat Reducing Window Film

Updated: Jul 4

A recent installation for one of the areas professional rugby teams Hull Kingston Rovers at their Sewell Group Craven Park ground.

The pitch side windows in the main stand suffered from extreme heat especially the media suite where the suns heat was causing damage to expensive equipment.

Heat Reducing Window Film
Heat Reducing Window Film to Main Stand at Hull Kingston Rovers

A normal solution for this would be our heat reflective window film, which provides the best solar heat rejection. This film could not be used on this project as the requirement from our client was that they required vision through the windows both day and night. This is due to the film working on light ratios meaning that a one way mirror effect would be created when the light is greater on one side than the other. This in turn would mean that for evening games our clients would not be able to see out the windows when the floodlights where on.

To solve this problem we have installed our SF60 Select Specialist Solar Film which is a virtually invisible window treatment that has good heat control performance offering the best possible compromise between transparency and performance. Our clear heat control films are state of-the-art spectrally selective window films. They filter out infra-red (IR) radiation while transmitting high visible light levels. This means that they give you good solar heat rejection without noticeably reducing daylight levels or changing the appearance of the windows.



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