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Passing The Specsavers Test

Updated: Jul 4

Solarfrost Collaborate with Prominent Opticians to Combat Major Glare Issues


All year long, glare can be a major issue. If not controlled, bright light can pass through glazing and create a difficult and uncomfortable environment. It can make it difficult to focus, and in extreme cases, prolonged exposure to glare can lead to eyestrain and other health problems.

Specsavers, one of the UK's leading opticians and audiologists, were suffering from such issues. The storefront was flooded with glare from the windows to the front of their store. The bright sunlight would stream through the glass during the day, making vision difficult.



Specsavers contacted Solarfrost Window Films in order to help reduce glare in their store. It was clear from the start that they were having major issues. We was given the task of improving the situation.



It was clear from our initial visit that the glare issue was through three high level panels to the store front. We recommended using our SFE10GB External Grey Tinted Film to cut out as much of the glare as possible due to the extremely high levels of glare and the health and safety risks associated with it. While still allowing some natural light transmission, this externally installed film provides outstanding glare rejection of 91%.

Due to the store being in operation seven days a week and with displays up close against the internal side of the glazing, the only viable option was to install the film externally.

The modern design of this film instantly adds a contemporary feel to any structure.



The film's aesthetic fit gave the glazing a modern, polished appearance. The film was instantly beneficial from a performance standpoint, eliminating the majority of glare whilst the visual impact is a subtle tint from the inside, which is much less evident.

The facility had greatly improved conditions with all staff & customers being able to rely on a comfortable environment as the glare had been significantly controlled.

Gus Sidhu, Store Manager thanked Solarfrost for their service "The installation of the film has helped to improve the glare in our store. It is an excellent product and I thank Solarfrost once again for helping us out"

Completed Installation of Ant-Glare Film

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Specsavers Internal View Following Installation to Centre Panel



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