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Solar Reflective Film For Windows

Window Film: Does It Really Keep the Heat Out?

Windows play a crucial role in the appearance and feel of our homes and offices. They open up the room, making it more open, airy, and light, which is something we all want. Windows, on the other hand, can allow strangers to peek in and make rooms hot and uncomfortable during the hot summer months. This may cause you to switch on the air conditioning, which will just increase your energy bill. So, what are you going to do?

Modern solar window film technology not only allows you to maintain your outside views but also provides seclusion and keeps your area feeling cool and pleasant, saving you from pulling the blinds down and living in the dark. Many customers desire both the privacy of reflective window film and the heat-blocking advantages of solar film when choosing a window film, but they frequently ask if the latter actually blocks heat?

To put it clearly, yes. Heat is effectively blocked by reflective window film. In reality, reflective window film provides the greatest heat rejection, and Solarfrost offers a variety of solar window films to meet your specific needs.

reflective window film

What Is The Best Window Film for Heat Reduction?

If you're unfamiliar with window film, there are many types of heat reducing window films on the market that are well-known treatments for limiting heat and glare. Many of our customers ask us how to cool down their homes and businesses without darkening the space or blocking out any outside views. The majority of our glass films will prevent damaging UVA and UVB rays while also reducing heat and glare. The question then becomes, which window film will best prevent heat?

Solar window film is an excellent choice for cooling your rooms if privacy is not an issue. Solar film comes in a range of colours and shades, all of which reduce heat and glare to some level. While solar window film might help reduce heat and light in your home or office, it doesn't provide much in the way of privacy.

Solar window film probably isn't the solution if you want both privacy and cooler environments. On the other hand, reflective window film could potentially be. The maximum amount of heat is reduced by reflective window film, which additionally increases privacy.

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What is Reflective Window Film?

Reflective window film, often referred to as one-way mirror film, is a form of window film that, like a mirror, reflects light from the outside. Reflective window film lets you view outside while preventing others from seeing through your windows. Meaning that it will significantly lessen heat and glare while also increasing privacy.

one way mirror film

How much heat does reflective window film keep out?

Keep in mind that reflective window film blocks more heat than regular solar film when comparing the two. For example, our SF20 Silver Reflective 20 Window Film is the most effective in blocking heat, and glare. Across the board the higher reflective tints provide more heat rejection than lighter tints.

Reflective glass film reflects solar energy to anyone who is looking through your windows. Reflective window film increases privacy while decreasing heat. Our reflective window tints keep more than 99% of the dangerous UV radiation outside, shielding your items from sun fading and damaging rays.

Reflective Window Film Options:

Silver Reflective Window Film:

Our Silver reflective window film products consists of three films: SF20, SF35, and SF50. SF20 is a good balance of maximum heat rejection, privacy, and cost. SF20 allows in the least amount of light (16%) and so has the darkest reflecting silver tint in the series. It filters off more than 80% of the sun's glare.

Because SF35 and SF50 let in more light than SF20 (38% and 47%, respectively), they are lighter than SF20. The three films work similarly: SF35 blocks 57% of glare, whereas R50 blocks 47%.

Solar Reflective Film For Windows

One-Way Mirror Film

When you desire privacy during the day without obstructing your view, one-way mirror film works well.

With the expansion of glass in buildings, the need for one-way mirror effect in the daylight for privacy and security reasons grows by the day. To generate a one-way mirror effect during the day, there must be more light on the 'public' side of the glass than on the 'private' side; thus, no one-way mirror effect is feasible regardless of the light balance on either side of the glazing.

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Dual-Reflective Window Film

A reflective outside-facing layer and a more subdued inside-facing layer are combined in dual-reflective window film technology. This makes it possible to offer extensive sun control while preserving outdoor views after dark and making it appear less reflecting from inside. Dual-reflective solar film reduces the internal nighttime reflection of reflective window film, allowing you to view more of the outside environment when it's dark outside. This film offers superior glare reduction compared with our standard reflective window films and as a consequence reduces the amount of natural light also.

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Which reflective Window Film Should I Choose?

At Solarfrost we work with business owners, contractors, facilities managers and more to install our reflective window film to commercial and industrial buildings.

The goals of office buildings and businesses differ from those of residences, therefore reflective window film is popular in commercial buildings. Reflective window film is popular among commercial property managers because it provides the greatest level of heat rejection and seclusion through mirror reflection.

For homeowners our Natural window film is a wonderful option if you are worried about how your home will look but still want some reflected privacy because it has some tint to it and looks less like a mirror. A lot of heat will also be kept out by dual reflective window film.

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Can I Buy Window Film To Fit Myself?

As well as providing a professional installation service, all of our products are available to purchase from our online store and are available for nationwide delivery. So why not visit the Solarfrost Store now.


If you're still unsure about which reflective solar film for windows you need and want more information, Our technical staff will answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction for the windows in your home or office. We also offer a full range of window film products in addition to solar film and reflective window film.

Contact us today to discuss cooler, more private rooms!



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