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Reeded Glass Film

Reeded Glass Film provides privacy while also adding a touch of contemporary luxury to your glass. Ideal for internal doors, glass partitioning, windows, and cabinets at a fraction of the cost to standard reeded glass.

Reeded Glass Film
Glass Film Installed To Shower Screens

Reeded Glass is a polyester window film that, like fluted glass, creates a beautiful and fashionable impression.

Aside from its ornamental appeal, it also provides privacy to building inhabitants by concealing visibility while still allowing excellent transmission of light.

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Reeded Film Adding Retro Flair To Cupboard Glass

Reeded Glass Film is perfect for interior glass applications that blend design and privacy, such as restaurant seat dividers, kitchen cabinets, and office glass partitions.

Solarfrost Window Films offer two variations of Reeded Glass Films with either 6mm or 15mm flutes. These are amongst the best value reeded glass films in the UK and unlike most other films of this type, they are available in a 1524mm roll width.

Reeded Glass Film
Fluted Glass FIlm Installed To Office Partitions

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